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How Does the SANKOM Patent Bra work?

The SANKOM® Patent BRA is the most innovative and promising invention in the bra industry in the last 126 years.

This is the first bra in history to combine medical and aesthetic benefits, by pulling the shoulders back thereby improving posture and reducing back pain, while giving a push-up effect. 

Advantages of SANKOM® Patent BRA:
✓  Helps prevent poor posture development
✓  Helps eliminate back pain and provides back support
✓  Effectively supports and visually augments the breasts 
✓  Creates a flatter stomach by reinforcing the core muscles through better posture 
✓  Easy to put on, breathable and light weight
✓  Beautiful silhouette with no budges or cut-in marks on the skin
✓  Extremely comfortable to wear
What's the difference between ordinary bras and the SANKOM® Patent BRA?
SANKOM Patent bra benefits

Ordinary bras carry over the breasts’ weight on the shoulders and increase the spine load. It leads to incorrect posture, neck and back pain, as well as general discomfort.
The revolutionary SANKOM® technology uses the weight of the breasts to straighten the shoulders. It fights against incorrect posture, back pain, tension, helping to restore the original function of upper body muscles.
The SANKOM® BRA provides the same visual benefits as an ordinary bra without any of the physiological disadvantages.
A revolutionary invention that can really change & improve the quality of life for many women all around the world struggling with back pain and poor posture!

The SANKOM Patent Bra is a Class 1 Medical device, developed, approved and recommended by Swiss Doctors.

Available in many different classic colours, yoga line, made from bamboo, aloe vera, cooling, freshwater pearls etc.

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